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Sunday 9 January 2011

Beer challenges for 2011

Ive already done the whole looking back at 2010 thing but I never really said what I wanted to achieve in the beer world in 2011. Since I have spent the first week of 2011 in bed with man-flu, this is the first chance Ive had.

In 2011 I would like to -

Try beer from-Kernel, Epic, Alesmith and Camden Town Brewery

Try more beer from-Thornbridge, Adnams, Marble, Crown and 3 Floyds

Brew my first batch of home brew

Help brew with some UK brewers to get a bit more brewing experience

Start writing about a greater scope of breweries

Get into beer and food pairing in a bigger way

Meet more bloggers by going to GBBF, Twissup (sadly not the first of 2011) and the Beer Bloggers Conference in May 2011

Learn more about brewing history

and finally if funds permit- Go on a summer brewery roadtrip (with Twitter and blog updates throughout the journey)

If anyone can help make any of these happen. Especially brewers who would like an apprentice for a few days- shoot me an email @

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Yuck- Ive waited 4 days for this

This review isn't very professional and that's why I am a blogger and not a journalist. I really don't like negative reviews and I don't usually post them but this is the exception.

The other night whilst lying in my bed feeling sorry for me and my man-flu I watched Oz and Hugh tasting Innis and Gunn in waders. A jolly sight. Highlighting Scottish beer which seems to be popular wherever I go. I've seen lots of positive reviews online about it. Truth is.......I hate the stuff.

Well I gave myself the impression that I did anyway. Ive tried the regular stuff, blonde, the rum cask, the IPA and I honestly haven't enjoyed one. So what possessed me to pick up a bottle today I have no idea. New year, new outlook? Madness? Cold and Flu medication still coursing through my veins?

It was nicely chilled as Innis and Gunn (or should I say Belhaven) recommend. I poured it into the glass you can see below (no comments) Its the first beer I've had since I was ill but thankfully not the first in 2011 (I'm not that sadistic)

Its the blonde slightly lighter 6.0% abv version. To the eye its very pleasing, even if the head was very hard to tempt into appearing. On the nose I smell butter, diacetyl, popcorn and delicate oak. It may be the time to point out that NONE of those flavours I like!

On the palate I taste more oak that was promised, a good dose of butterscotch (diacetyl), popcorn and some odd misplaced fruit flavours. This (in my opinion) is a truly AWFUL beer. Ive given it a first chance. Ive tried the more expensive versions to see if it gets better. This is the last time.

Good bye Innis and Gunn. You shall definitely not be missed.

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