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Saturday 13 July 2013

Live Beer Blogging #EBBC13

Here is my live post from the European Beer Bloggers Conference . This is written live so excuse any spelling errors etc.

This is like speed dating for breweries. 5 minutes per brewery and the chance for them to impress bloggers.

Firts up is Birra Toccalmatto Surfing Hop-Double American IPA at 8.5%

Looks chestnut brown. Not typical of style but thats due to Belgian malt used.
Tastes of peaches and apricots. Resinous from Amarillo and warrior hop.
Will take a lot to beat

2, Inveralmond Blackfriar Scotch ale at 7.0%

Looks exactly like scotch ale should. Toffee coloured.
Esters dominate with toffee and fruits. Not too rich. Could drink a lot of this. Im very impressed by this.

3.Harviestoun 30th anniversary Ola Dubh single barrel 11, 3%

Dark as night.
Lots of wine, sherry and cherry with some chocolate.  Im told this is a once of. I love this beer , would be great as a nightcap.

4.Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale 5.6%

Lovely golden colour and nice to see it in brown glass.
Refreshing session beer. Its a tad boring after a double IPA and a whisky cask beer. I can see this as a gateway beer for non ale drinkers.  Overall very drinkable.

5.West St Mungos 4.9%

Im very familiar with this beer.
Looks like typical Helles and tastes like a good example of this. Herbal and great lager. Tasty stuff.

6.Ilkley The Mayan 6.5%

Lovely dark chocolate colour.
Smells like terrys chocolate orange or bournville. Like liquid chocolate with a chilli kick and a touch of orange peel. Lovely sweetness but with balance. I love it!

7.Badgers Roaming Roy Dog 7.5%

Dark chestnut and a bit hazy due to non pasturisation and filtration.
Boozy on nose with loads of berries.
Massive sherry and berries with Bramling X underpinnings.  Spicy finish and very warming

8. Traquair Jacobite Ale 8%

Lovely colour  light chestnut.
So complex, touch of coriander and very modular. Vineous and sorry to state again, very complex  I love this stuff. Traquair are my favourite Scottish brewery

9. Innis and Gunn Oloroso Cask 7.4%

Looks dark golden like regular Innis and Gunn.
I can only smell vanilla, honey and clove.
Sherry and cream . Oak is too dominant.

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