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Thursday 25 February 2010

VBlog 13- Nanny State

Here is a joint VBlog for 2010 Nanny State. Recorded the day after the release of Sink the Bismarck


  1. HAIRCUT!!

    Good review - very clear pic & audio, and also I'm definitely interested to try this beer after your review. I didn't get the chance to try the last Nanny State, but I sent my representatives to do so and they all reported back it was just too bitter, unbalanced and undrinkable - which was a real shame as I would love to have something high on beery flavours, low on ABV, for times when you really don't want to be consuming much alcohol, but have big cravings for hop bitterness.

    So, from what you guys have conveyed, it sounds like they've refined the recipe & production, and I'll definitely seek this out and try it.

  2. Yeah I definately found it more refined. I did like the first one mind but this is notably different. Just much rounder and less harsh.

    Did I see you making twitter plans to visit Stirling?

  3. Won't be up in Scotland for a while but hopefully visiting relatives there later in the year, hoping for sneaky trip to Williams and maybe some old haunts in Edinburgh, or new territory in Glasgow, while there!


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