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Thursday 8 July 2010

A night at the Dogs

First of all I start by saying sorry. Sorry for not writing more about my time at BrewDog. Along with a rather busy working life a family illness is also reducing my desire to blog at the moment but rest assured all is coming on well and I intend this blog to be tearing through the posts sooner rather than later.

Nevertheless, this weekend I have decided to have a bit of a clear out. You see, ever since I started collecting beer Ive kept a heck of a lot of BrewDog beers in my collection. I still have bottles of the original Hardcore IPA, an early TNP, a second batch Sink the Bismark!, some Dogma and some Chaos Theory (and this is just the tip of the Iceberg)

So this Friday (9th July) I am having some friends round who are just as passionate about craft beer and some who will be more so by the time they leave. Craft beer is to be enjoyed right? And thats why Ive decided to share the following with the guys tomorrow

Alpha Dog - A rare treat as its only available in Norway (Mine has an odd fill line and couldnt go out in a case, I happily agreed to make it vanish)

TM10- Brewed for the Tates 10th Birthday (Another short filler)

Prototype 27- Hardcore but more Hardcore with smoke and mirrors (or raspberries maybe, I forget which)

AB:01- One from my personal collection, really looking forward to it

AB:02- Still young but I bought 3 so I will age the other two

Sink the Bismark!- Another one from my collection. First time I will have tried it bottled and not right from tank

TNP- My last bottle :-(

Some of the guys are bringing some Americans too (beers not the people, although American people are welcome anytime). It should be a fun night and I am looking forward to unwinding and getting really excited about great beer.

There will be plenty tweets throughout the evening and a full review appearing here a few days after (probably Sunday or Monday)


  1. Sounds like an epic evening is on the cards! I had a couple of full-on BrewDog tasting nights with beers I'd kept for ages and there were really interesting results - the original Speedball was nothing like the more recently purchased Dogma, and I thought the whisky-aged IPA was one of the most stunning beers I'd ever tasted.
    Looking forward to your tweets & blog post, don't forget to drink some water and eat foods too or you'll be in no state to tweet...



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