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Thursday 2 February 2012

Make beer not war

As many of you will know the UK beer scene is a very friendly place. People sharing pints together in pubs or at home with friends and family. Brewers sharing resources in times of trouble and often collaborating together. This is the way it should remain.

The last few days have seen a comment in a very good book splattered across the blogging community for others to comment upon. I am all for being able to pick people up when they do or say things that upset others but let’s keep focussed guys. Positivity is the new black. Little is achieved by starting online wars over a comment that has been taken out of context so many times I almost lost track.

Let me make it clear, I am not standing up for one side or the other but let’s just get on with promoting the thing that brings us together in the first place: good beer. Squabbling makes the industry and us bloggers look unprofessional.

Make beer not war!


  1. what quote is this? i missed it

  2. Me too... What is the war about?

  3. Yes, a short sighted post from Ms Cole

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