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Tuesday 19 January 2010

The bottles are weighing me down

Rather than a real blog post like my last rather controversial post about terroir this is a general question to other bloggers out there to see if I have actually gone mad. Ive started to keep to empty bottles of what I've been drinking!

This is a very small amount of 3 months in France

Ive always been a collector of 'excellent' bottles though. For example, when I finished Brewdog Atlantic IPA or Mikkeller Black I decided to keep the bottles as they would not only look good but remind me of when I drank them. The problem seems to be that I now seems to be keeping EVERYTHING I drink (with the exception of doubles or really bad beers). I know I've probably lost some of you already. You think why can I not just remember them in my head or in a review without actually keeping the bottles. The truth is, I kinda like to see the bottles now and again. If Ive had a particularly crap day or I'm drinking a howler of a beer they help to keep the faith that its not all bad. Bottles like Atlantic IPA look good too, and quite frankly at £9 a 330ml I want something to show for it apart from memories.

See even some Brewdog snuck in my suitcase to France

Don't get me wrong, I don't just finish the bottles and let them stack up. They are washed, dried and if I remember to keep the cap, I recap them too. I realise that my collection in France will have to go soon, which I'm quite sad about. Nevertheless, collection at home is slowly growing too and I have no plans to chuck them soon.

Basically the whole point of this post is for someone, anyone, to tell me they do the same......PLEASE! Im not mad. Honest!


  1. Hey I *did* do the same, for about 10 years - not every bottle, but if it had been a particularly great beer or wine that I didn't want to forget the details of, or a very pretty label, or something like that - the Hickory Switch porter I kept as it had a rather naughtily suggestive label in an off-kilter way. But I moved house in August, from a 3-bed house with garage (which I was using as my 'beer cellar') to a flat, and needed to downsize. So, I got my partner to take good quality photos of all the bottles, then remove them - so I didn't have to do it. Then I had a BrewDog tasting night at my new flat and kept those bottles for 2 months ... just put them in recycling today (inc. the Atlantic IPA bottle). Now, the only ones I've kept are my Westvleteren - 2 empties, 2 to go. But I have developed a habit of photo-cataloguing things instead now - takes up less space and is less obviously 'odd' to visitors ...

    So, you have my empathies!



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