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Thursday 28 January 2010

Next stop Brussels

Well this time in a week I will be as high as a kite. The bag shall be packed and I will be thinking about the day ahead. Brussels is the destination and it will be the first of three for my month off in February. Im headed there with fellow beer geek David Bald and Im sure that Brussels wont know whats hit it with two Scotsmen in town.

We have been planning and have several reccomendations already but this is a cry to anyone who has spent any time in Brussels before.....anywhere we should definately include or avoid? I speak French so I am not too bothered if they are a little off the beaten track, just so long as they are good.

I am just starting to get into Lambics so I am hoping that I can spend some time getting to know them a little better when I am there. It is also my Birthday on the 7th so I am hoping to do/drink something a little special for that.

Any suggestions would be great guys. Cheers.


  1. ooo, lucky you! it's well worth spending a day wandering around the backstreets to see what you stumble across (stumble being the operative word in my experience...). but my top picks would be:

    cantillon brewery - home of cantillon. nuff said :)

    beermania - well stocked off licence with seating in the back - pick your beer from the shelves, drink it in the shop. good chips too!

    porte noire - great dark cellar bar, good staff, good selection of beers

  2. Don't miss the cask lambic at Chez Moeder Lambic. Beer Circus is also worth a punt, for more cask lambic.

  3. From The Cocktail Club - A la Mort Subite - go thru Galleries St Hubert (from Grand Place end) and turn right - it's just there. This used to be a favourite of mine when I lived in BXL. Inside rows of tables, big mirrors, arte nouveau style. You lucky, lucky thing to be there! Good range of beers (gueze, kriek, etc - should start your lambic tastings off marvelously) and prob more of a Bruxellois twang to be heard rather than French as lots of locals go there. Have a great one! Helen



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