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Monday 10 May 2010

Day 1 at Brewdog

For those of you who havent been following today was the day that I started my new summer job at Brewdog. I will be up in the north east from now until September and dont panick, this blog isnt about to become a paid for Brewdog advert. Although I cant promise that I wont report quite a lot about them. So if you are a Brewdog hater look away now!

Today started by meeting all the cool gals, guys and dogs in the brewery. Everyone seems great and I can see why James and Martin are so passionate about what they do because they have such a great team backing them up. A great deal of my day today was spent on a secret project. Something that not only am I uncertain about whether Im allowed to tell you about, but also something which you will probably never see so there isnt much point.  Not unless you have tickets of course.

Anyway.....this afternoon I mashed a batch of Trashy Blonde. So if your Trashy tastes particularly good in the coming months personal cheques can be made out to Michael J Ironside!

Whilst still giving reviews on other brews that I try and general beer news and critiques from world breweries I plan to use this blog to give you an insight into life in a VERY busy brewery. Now that I am back in the UK updates will be coming much more thick and fast.

Updates soon....



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