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Tuesday 11 October 2011

SUCBS Williams Brothers Tasting Night

A few weeks ago a merry band of around 15 of us got together to try almost every single beer that Williams Brothers Brewery in Alloa currently make. This was Stirling University Craft Beer Societies first big event of the year but it certainly wont be our last. Here is how the evening went in pictures.......

There was quite a lot of beer!

Vice President (Left), David Lewin and President, Me share a bottle of Cesar Augustus

Some of our members

Opening yet another beer

Clearly not the first of the night from Duvel!

Just some of what we tried

One of my top 5

Our Secretary seems to have lost something in the bottom of the bottle

By this time nobody wanted to be photographed

A final 'artsy' shot of some bottle tops and a table that needs a polish

It was a great night and thanks go to the Williams Brothers for providing the beer, The Albion Bar in Stirling for allowing us to come in and use their function suite and all the members of Stirling University for coming along.

I have been a bad blogger recently. I have had no motivation to write since a small spat with CAMRA earlier this year. We now have a better working relationship but I wont stop talking about craft keg! My motivation is back though and I will be with you again in the next couple of days.



  1. While there naturally was a debate about favorites I think I speak for everyone when I say that Profanity Stout was the star of the night.

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  3. Shame you guys weren't around when I did my degree at Stirling (late 80's early 90's). It was all dodgy snake bite and black at 68p a pint in the Long Bar when I was there.
    That looks like a cracking selection of Williams Bros, good stuff!

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