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Monday 12 December 2011

Dear Sir, sorry for my absence

No, this is not a letter of absence that a school child has written but it does feel like one.

Dear Sir/Madam/other readers,

It has come to my attention that my attendance in beer class has been pretty shoddy recently. I have hardly been attending at all. Whilst I have been enjoying many an evening enjoying beer and had many exciting events with Stirling University Craft Beer Society, I have failed to document most of these. I certainly haven't been reporting them back to my fellow students at beer class.

I promise that this is to come to an end. Starting with this afternoon's post on my recommendations for this years Golden Pint Awards. This will closely be followed by some beer reviews and round up of my work this semester with SUCBS.

Yours in beer,


P.s In all seriousness the past few months have been mayhem but that doesnt excuse the fact that I have hardly written about beer at all. Back with you this afternoon with my nominations for the Golden Pints


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