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Monday 12 December 2011

Golden Pints Nominations 2011

Ok, as promised here are my nominations for this years Golden Pint Awards. As I have been out of the country (once again) for some of the year my choices have been a bit limited but I have given it a go.

  1. Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer- Kernel, IPA Simcoe Centennial ;no words needed
  2.  Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer- Magic Rock, Human Cannonball ;THE brewery to watch
  3. Best Overseas Draught Beer- Stone Brewing, Ruination IPA ;Fresh in BD Edinburgh, lovely
  4. Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer- Lagunitas Brewery, Little SumpIn' ;plain and simply tasty, as it should be
  5. Best Overall Beer- Magic Rock, Human Cannonball
  6. Best Pumpclip or Label- Magic Rock, All of them. Does that count?
  7. Best UK Brewery- Kernel Brewery. Close runner-up; Magic Rock
  8. Best Overseas Brewery- Mikkeller; still pushing boundaries and creating some wonderful beers
  9. Pub/Bar of the Year- The Euston Tap
  10. Beer Festival of the Year- I didn't go to any at all this year
  11. Supermarket of the Year- Sainsburys
  12. Independent Retailer of the Year- Luvian's, St Andrews
  13. Online Retailer of the Year- MyBreweryTap
  14. Best Beer Book or Magazine- Zak Avery, 500 Beers
  15. Best Beer Blog or Website- Pencil and Spoon, Mark Dredge
  16. Best Beer Twitterer- @tania_nexust , top poached egg advice
  17. Best Online Brewery presence- Magic Rock. Runner-up; those scamps at BrewDog
  18. Food and Beer Pairing of the Year; Too many to choose
  19. In 2012 I’d Most Like To… Work in a brewery again
  20. Best Beer Event of the Year- 1st European Beer Bloggers Conference


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