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Friday, 20 November 2009

Bienvenue, Welcome

Hi and welcome to the newest beer blog on the block! I aim to provide a mix of beer news and reviews. I like different beers...some would say extreme. It is unlikey  that you will find me reviewing Green King I.P.A anytime soon.

I should point out that I am slightly biased. I say this because I am a total hop head. I am the type of person CAMRA members hate! A cheeky young student who apprieciates nothing but heavy hopped beer. That is infact untrue......I like most styles of beer as much as the next beer blogger. However, it is important to note that if you do not like hops you might dissagree with some of my reviews!

At the moment I am based in Avignon, France so a great deal of my early reviews will be French, Belgian or German beers. I do have a stock of reviews I wrote in the UK raring to go too though, so do not be too dissapointed! I will be visiting Scotland at Xmas and New Year though and I will be stocking up the cellar.

All comments are welcome and encouraged and the first review will appear later today after I get back from work. Prepare for 'Bush' billed as Belgiums strongest beer! Told you it was different!


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