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Monday 30 November 2009

Yes....I am a beer ponce

Ok so I own several different shaped glasses for beer. People are always telling me I talk to much about beer. Or that I use silly words when I describe it, like "mouthfeel" or recently the word "snifter" has produced much hilarity here in Avignon. But the truth is....I am a beer ponce. Do not get me wrong I am just as likely to be drinking a pint of the famous Irish black stuff as anybody. Mainly because funds and availability dont always allow me to order a 37.5cl bottle of Mikkeller Black, as much as that would rock!

I smell my beer....always. No matter whether it is either one of the beers mentioned above. I also taste my beer with a face that looks like I am debating lifes complexities in my own mind for nobody else to hear. Then I will make a random noise and say a random word like...farmyard....ester....phenolic or sometimes YUCK!

I dont expect everyone to understand. I know that the people who are being kind enough to read these rants....I mean blogs are split pretty much 50-50 between people who get what I am saying and people who think I am a pompous arsehole with nothing better to do than constantly update the world on what beer I am drinking. If the truth be known.....its a little bit of both really. If you dont really get what I am saying....try to stick around.....ask me to try some good beer....ask me to recommend one. I do not mind! Now that I am a fully fledged and self admitting beer ponce, I am happy to help.

There is so much to beer than any other drink. Yes even wine! Afterall you can really only make a wine from different types and blends of grapes. Beer on the other hand is a whole different ball game. Spices, fruit, name it someone has probably tried making it! However you feel about beer, please just try not to drink too much of the crap stuff. I on the odd occassion do let my ever so holy crown slip too, last night I had a can of Heineken because I couldnt bear to put another expensive bottle in the fridge. I am sorry beer world! I do make an effort though to drink decent and honestly made beer as much as possible though (that doesnt always mean expensive). Please just for me....the next time you are out and have the choice between something made by a local company just down the road and a huge global empire....choose the local stuff!



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