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Saturday 21 November 2009

Todays beer trip........

Today I visited a lovely little beer shop just outside of Avignon, France (I am based here at the moment until April, with a few visits back home). More importantly this beer shop claims to have over 400+ beers in stock, although I thought it was maybe slightly less, but who am I to argue!

Aux 2 Chopes is on the outskirts of town

Anyway the shop was well layed out and I managed to find a few nice little bottles. The staff were a little rushed off their feet by the looks of things as they didnt really bother to speak much etc, but I suppose most beer shoppers just want to be left alone to make a decision by themselves. The shop was mostly filled with Belgian and French beers (pretty much to be expected in the South of France). Although there were a few international examples, but none of these really struck me that much.

So after much deliberation I left with only 12 bottles, as the owner told me that he is going to be at the Xmas market in a few weeks (I live much closer to there, so it will be easier to carry!). They were:
Quintine Blonde, XI.I Samhain, St Bernardus ABt 12, La Trappe Quad, Duvel green, Corsendonk dubbel, Karmeliet Tripel, Blondine!, La Chouffe, Gulden Draak, Rochefort 8 and Rochefort 10.

The mysterious celtic themed XI.I at 11.1% funnily enough

So reviews of these will appear in due course....but dont expect them today or tomorrow as there are many reviews I've already got written to come first! I thought I would just give a taste of whats to come. In any case have a good Saturday evening what ever you do. Finally a big shout out to anyone who was at The Rake in London today for the Brewdog event......extremely jealous! Hope you enjoyed!


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