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Thursday 26 November 2009

The Worlds Strongest Beer

I have just done something naughty! No I didnt steal anything or flash at someone in the street. I bought the latest beer from the boys and pooches at BrewDog; Tactical Nuclear Penguin!

Billed as an Uber-Imperial Stout it sits at 32%

It beats the current record of 31% ABV held by the German brewer Schorschbraer. All talk of records aside I cant really make up my mind on this one. On the one hand a lot of people out there are already slagging the boys off saying that it is just about publicity. I cant however help thinking that there are much easier ways to get publicity than to age a beer for 16 months in casks, 8 in Isle of Arran and 8 in Islay. They then took it to an ice cream factory and froze it to get a higher alcohol content in the finished product This does seem like an awful lot of work just to shift a few more bottles of your standard beer.

I am going to ignore the people who say this is all about publicity. If they really wanted publicity they wouldnt have really bothered giving this beer all the love and attention it has been given. Plus they did wear penguin suits to launch it, thats the publicity bit done, its not to do with the strength of the beer at all.

Im not sure when I will be cracking my bottle open. It sure as hell will be for a special day, probably with my Dad. I hope it will be a cracking beer, it is afterall the most expensive ive ever purchased @ £30 for 330ml. It is also made by a brewery which I do have a huge soft spot for! As Brewdog say themselves: its meant to be enjoyed responsibly, and I will. This beer isnt about publicity or about trying to beat records really, it is just about pushing the boundarys. Its something that people do not do enough of in life. I say...grab the dog by the ears (please dont actually do this, Bracken would be most displeased) and buy a bottle. It is afterall a boundary pushing beer from a boundary pushing brewery.


  1. nice post! it's still in the back of my mind about the whole publicity/record thing, don't get me wrong lots of effort has gone into the beer, and yes boundaries have been pushed but after there last couple of stunts I can't help but wonder...

  2. I totally get what you mean about that. I know there have been a few times recently where even I have been a bit perplexed as to the thinking behind certain decisions. I do believe this has been made with the right intentions though. Yes of course it is going to get publicity, and yes its provocative. I cant really remember a brewdog beer that hasnt been at least a little provocative though!



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