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Sunday 29 November 2009

Holidays are coming.....

Ok so here it comes...probably my least prefered holiday of the year- Christmas. I have various reasons for not being a fan, mainly the idea of buying and receiving gifts for/from people you dont really see for the rest of the year and dont really care whether you do or not! Call me cynical.......

Evil Santa!

I do however like some things about Christmas. I like the idea of having the people you want to be with close to you around the table on that special day. I love that people (including myself this year) make the effort of travelling hundreds of miles to be with each other for one special day. Ok now I feel a bit sentimental. This holiday season I am going to be spending it with the people I want to be with; Christmas day with my parents (saying a little thanks that my dad has recovered from his operation) and I will be spending Hogmanay with my parents, Mr Bald and all the locals from the village pub.

Another thing I like about Xmas though is the spicy, thick, dark beers that a lot of Breweries start to produce around about now. I have had my first Xmas beer already this year, Delirium Noel, and although nowhere near as good as the original it is still an excellent beer and really warms you up on a cold night. Thats what its really all about...a Christmas beer doesnt really need to be the best beer in the world. It needs to be a little bready, taste a little spicy, warm you up and have a good dose of alcohol. Thats exactly what Delirium Noel was.

For me the all important decision of what beer to have on Xmas day with my meal only really had one answer. I hate turkey (another reason I do not like Xmas) so this year we are having Venison with a redcurrant jus. I will pair this with a big Ive been waiting to try for ages. Tokyo* by Brewdog! At 18.2% its going to match really well with the meat. I cant wait!

Whatever you decide to do this year and whatever you drink...I hope its a good one. If you have the time pop your favourite Xmas beer in the comments box...In the meantime keep watching the videoblogs and I will be back very soon with another blog! Cheers


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